Trousers, Jeans, Shorts

New to Shopbop

I love a good fantasy shop at Shopbop. This week’s imaginary purchases aren’t too crazy. Still way out of my budget and nothing I need, but I would buy them […]

Green and White

My most recent obsession has been olive pants with crisp whites. I saw a woman with a crisp collared shirt and cargo jeans. She looked so good I’ve been obsessed […]

White + Boyfriend

I bought a pair of white boyfriend jeans, because I think they look good in summer. Now that I have bought them, I keep on thinking: “The Level of difficulty […]

Shopping List

I’m planning on doing some shopping today. On my list of places to visit are: Country Road. Seed. I need to stock up on staples. Some new jeans or black […]

Country Road

When I first started work, Country Road was the only store that made trousers long enough for me to wear to work (in fact mostly I wore skirts). Country Road […]