Dressing over 40

Here are my rules:

1) Wear good undergarments – well fitted bra, slips, long tanks. A good foundation!

2) Shirts – have an interesting or big collar, or wear a scarf.

3) Jackets – either wear a long top with a crop jacket, or a short top with a long jacket or cardigan. No short cardigans.

4) Skirts – Don’t show your knees. Tuck your shirt in.

5) Wear a long, loose top with skinny jeans.

6) Shorts – only for casual wear (due to knee showing) and never cut-offs.

7) Thongs/Flip-flops – only for the beach. Wear leather sandals.

8) Dresses – see here.


Here are rules I am considering…


5th October, 2012

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