Jean Theory

Here are my findings on Buying Jeans Online. I hope they will save me hours in search time and returns. Hopefully it will help other people too!   

Rule #1)  It’s all about the inseam.

Here is my table of Inseams vs Brands:

   Inseam (inches)    Inseam (cm)                        Brands
29″ 74 J Brand620, 811 Ankle,Joe’s Jeans Plaid Skinny
30″ 76.2 J Brand 811, powerstretch legging
Hudson Collin Skinny,  Paige Verdugo, Koral Stretch Skinny
31″ 78.7 Adriano GoldscmiedBlank Denim X Fit Skinny, J Brand 910, Koral Flat Italian Pencil,

Paige Skyline

29″ to 31″ 74 to 78.5 7 for all mankind “The skinny”
32″ 81.2 Hudson Signature Skinny,  Cheap MondayCurrent/Elliott  The Skinny
33″ 83.8 7 for all mankind “original skinny”,Adriano Goldscmied  The Leggings

Current/Elliott  The Straight Leg

34″ 86.4 Joes, Adriano Goldscmied Skinny Straight,Adriano Goldscmied Slouchy Slim

Current/Elliott  The Leggings

35″ 88.9 7 for all mankind straight legsJames Jeans Hunter
30.7 78 cm NYDJ
29.5 75 cm True Religion
31.5 80 cm Mavi


A couple of provisos:

  • I know brands make different lengths, but they don’t vary that much.
  • I know I don’t have all the brands here. Just the ones I like.


Here’s useful little summary I found on the internet:

x.short up to 26½” 60 – 67 cm
short 26½” – 29½” 67 – 75 cm
regular 29½” – 32½” 75 – 83 cm
long 32½” – 35½” 83 – 90 cm
x.long 35½” – 38½” 90 – 98cm


I’ve worked out that I can save myself a lot of time (and returns) by checking the inseam length. It’s the point from the crotch to bottom of the jean (on the inside of your leg).

Now I am tall with (I’ve realised) disproportionately long legs. So what looks fine on the models in the web-site – who are my height but a few (cough) sizes smaller than me – is too short in my size. (I don’t get it. Do jeans models have short legs? Am I a freak?).

For example, I love J Brand  (I have a pair of their 811’s) but as most of their jeans are short (on me), I won’t look at them again (unless I fancy another pair of ankle freezers).

I know the size (waist circumference), and “rise” () and the cut (the pockets, the ankle width) and so on are important too.

But for tall people, if the inseam isn’t right, the rest don’t matter.

Me. 29th October 2012

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