Online Shopping Rules

Things I buy online:

1Repeat BuysSpeedos, Shell tops.
3Jeans See here
4Layering topsT-shirts
5Loose Jackets


Things I would never buy online:

1BrasI always, always get fitted now and try on loads. Since being properly fitted I realise that even within one brand, each style is different and it makes a huge difference. Half the time, if you think a person is dressed weird, it is due to their bra (not that I have researched this….).
2Non-layering topsi.e. summer stuff that is fitted and not meant to be hidden under a jacketI have to try on most tops due to my wide shoulders. I need big necklines, big collars, longer sleeves but tight trunk or I look like a box. Also need to ensure no muffin top.
3Fitted jacketsSee 2) plus long arms means my sleeves are normally “bracelet” length.
4Shoes I’m unsure about(see here)
5DressesBeing tall, the waist is often in the wrong place.
6SkirtsBeing tall (and old) I don’t like to show my knees (unless for a beach cover-up).
7PatternsRecently I bought a striped tank. It looked fine on the model (ha!). Had to send it back.

(or would only buy if they were cheap or the returns policy is great – see here).

Me. 28th September 2012

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