Fantasy Handbags

Having spotted this handbag at Coach, I have now disappeared down the rabbit hole of fantasy handbag shopping. Soon a $900 handbag seems cheap. Images like this from Andy Heart don’t help. I… Continue reading

Planning in Polyvore

I find it helpful sometimes to plan my work outfits in Polyvore.  It gives me a sense of what I need to buy before I’m getting dressed in the morning and realise I… Continue reading

On Final Things

From The Book of Life: Every age should be in search of effective ways to keep death in mind.  Once we would look at skulls or at martyrs, hourglasses or withered flowers.  … Continue reading


As an irregular meditator, I’ve always struggled with the difference between meditation and mindfulness.      Recently I found the following advice about mindfulness, which I want to capture here, as I think it… Continue reading

Work Wear Inspiration

I’m going back to work soon, and my next job is in a banking environment, so I have been researching more formal office attire. There’s a few problems I’m trying to solve: Firstly,… Continue reading

Body Image

I don’t think I’ve ever loved my body as much as when I had my daughter. I was just so astounded at the whole craziness of creating another human being, that I forgot… Continue reading

Where’s my head at?

One of my rules for my collection of Over 40 Style blogs is that the person has to post relatively frequently. However recently I have been questioning the value of posting frequently, over… Continue reading

The Book of Life

I love reading articles about neuro science and life advice.  I have spent most of today reading through The Book of Life.  This site has lots and lots of articles on topics such as:… Continue reading

River Island for grown ups

River Island is aimed at a younger market than me. This season though they have a cracker collection. They have interpreted the tricky trends of the season into a lot of wearable pieces.… Continue reading