Style Crush: JHud

So here’s something that is not news. Jennifer Hudson is gorgeous. I think she actually looks her best with short hair.     I have a style crush on her because I think she… Continue reading

Window Shopping

Sometimes I love to “window shop” online. This is where I look for clothes with no intention of buying. Kind of like fantasy football. I also like to work out how much it… Continue reading

The Minimalist

Given my buzz cut hair style, the look for me, until my hair grows, is all black (or navy). I have a few events coming up and my pre-chemo clothes just don’t work… Continue reading

Short Hair

My hair is currently very short. I like to call it a pixie hair cut but it is actually shorter than that. It’s really a buzz cut. Kind of like this: I have… Continue reading

Knowing What to Want

Time is going to pass no matter what we do. If you don’t want to waste it, then first of all you need to work out what is  your definition of a non-time… Continue reading

Over 40 Style

My style blog mojo is returning in fits and starts.   Yesterday – like the KonMari convert that I am – I culled my List of Over 40 Style bloggers down to 44.  When… Continue reading

Style Resuscitation

Currently I am on a quest to restart my interest in fashion. Vogue. First of all, I started at Vogue. Where else? I found this street style slide show which suggested the following key… Continue reading


Today I ended up home alone, so I searched high and low on the Internet for things to cheer me up. First of all, I found this great post at Barking Up the… Continue reading

Name It

A useful tip I found today was to name your emotions rather than suppressing them: Gross found that people who tried to suppress a negative emotional experience failed to do so. While they… Continue reading