Memento Mori

Meditating on your mortality need not be depressing if you use it as a tool to find your priority and meaning, to gain some perspective and urgency. Use it as a reminder to… Continue reading


My latest challenge is to find a replacement for my laptop bag. At the moment I am envisioning a reworking of the standard canvas tote, which is light weight, not bulky and with… Continue reading

I like distractions

I’ve had the worst week in my entire life this week. OK, maybe the second worst? But it is debatable. Top 5 easily. What helps me cope is distractions like Go Fug Yourself.… Continue reading

Older women on the catwalk

Good to see older women on the catwalk. Susan Douglas, …who is writing a book on the power of older women, said “a demographic revolution” was occurring…. “Older women are now saying ‘No,… Continue reading


Has anyone missed the recent Celinaissance? Every time I see Celine and her “best friend” I want to cheer. Celine is the poster child for me for “post traumatic growth”. She clearly deeply… Continue reading

I like Joanna Gaines

Is anyone else out there a Fixer Upper fan? Of course there must be millions. The show is doing so well. For Mothers Day I just bought myself her most recent book: Homebody:… Continue reading

I like Getting Unstuck

I credit Pema Chodron with saving my life. Over and over again. It is thanks to her humour and kindness and wisdom, that I am not a gibbering mess. Whenever the buzz of… Continue reading

I like online shopping

I wouldn’t be the only person who likes online shopping. For me the joy is about buying things I need without having to get out of bed. For clothing I generally only buy… Continue reading

I like finding new style blogs

Still looking for that perfect Over 40 Style Blog? Here’s some recent finds of mine which might interest you. Notes From A Stylist – A lovely lifestyle blog. Grechen’s Closet – I love… Continue reading