I like Getting Unstuck

I credit Pema Chodron with saving my life. Over and over again. It is thanks to her humour and kindness and wisdom, that I am not a gibbering mess. Whenever the buzz of… Continue reading

I like online shopping

I wouldn’t be the only person who likes online shopping. For me the joy is about buying things I need without having to get out of bed. For clothing I generally only buy… Continue reading

I like finding new style blogs

Still looking for that perfect Over 40 Style Blog? Here’s some recent finds of mine which might interest you. Notes From A Stylist – A lovely lifestyle blog. Grechen’s Closet – I love… Continue reading

Not pretty

Fashion to me is both a joy and a curse. In the joy part is the feel and colour of a fuzzy cardigan on the first really cold day. The joy of silver… Continue reading

Style Crush: Oceans 8

Last time I had a style crush on a movie it was The Devil Wears Prada. This time it’s Ocean’s 8: So OK, I was a bit slow to watch the movie. But… Continue reading

I like Maitri

I learnt about maitri from Pema Chodron. maitri is “unconditional friendliness,” toward ourselves…. …it’s important to be clear about what maitri means and not to come away with a misunderstanding of maitri as… Continue reading

Style crush: Villanelle

I’m massively obsessed with the show Killing Eve at the moment. Written by Phoebe Waller Bridge who also wrote Fleabag. The main character Eve is so awkward and hopeless and clever and funny.… Continue reading

Style Crush: Zendaya

What I love about Zendaya’s style is how varied it is. She varies her hair, her makeup. Everything. But unlike much of the Fashion Week street style, she looks nice. She’s inspirational, not… Continue reading

I like to hope

So I do try and be cool. Sometimes. But then other times I think part of being grown up is just enjoying what you enjoy. Who cares what anyone thinks? So… I like… Continue reading