Three Good Things

Science is showing that gratitude is important. From Action for Happiness: …consciously spend a few minutes each day focusing on some of the good things that happen to us. By doing this we… Continue reading

Buddhism for Mothers

Sarah Napthali has written 3 books under the “Buddhism for Mothers” series. I read each one as it came out – they seemed nicely timed to suit my daughter’s age. One concept from… Continue reading

Wish Clothing

Wish Clothing – an Australian brand – does great jackets. I have a few of them.           

Sass Clothing

One Australian brand I like is Sass Clothing:      Lots of great tops and jackets. The brand is a bit “young” for me – no knees on show after 35 for me… Continue reading

Stop the Press! Baukjen Clutch

The Baukjen Clutch. Fits an ipad too….           


Some great clothes here: Baukjen. Collared casual shirts, scarves, good skinnies. My uniform!                   $15 delivery to Australia. Hmmmmm.

Reed Krakoff

For when I win the lottery… Reed Krakoff.    

Jessica Alba and I

Today I wore the same(ish) outfit as Jessica Alba!                             I saw this today in the Daily Mail and realised I wore the same colour jacket as Jessica. It’s hard to see in… Continue reading

The Power of Habit

. I’m currently reading The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change : Charles Duhigg. It is fascinating. Life changing. I’ve given up drinking in the past… Continue reading