I’ve been thinking…

Never a good sign. Me thinking. Anyway. Image courtesy of  FreeDigitalPhotos.net I thought starting this blog that I would just see what I wanted to write about. I didn’t have a plan. I… Continue reading

Shoes with tips

Latest obsession:        Stuart Weitzman                                                  Ann Taylor

Colour me happy

If you are not going to wear black (which I am trying not to do), then I reckon you have two options. Either go the smart, mature, neutrals path. (Snore). Or just go… Continue reading

A Butterfly Print Scarf

This scarf reminds me of the Mulberry Fabulous Finches scarf, which I just love: Only this scarf is from Warehouse and is much cheaper. Top of my list of things to reward myself… Continue reading

It all started when….

I read Styling You by Nikki Parkinson. The things I love about this site: Her posts on how to dress like Nina Proudman. I love how Nina dresses but she is super skinny.… Continue reading

How long….

Oooh… How long do you reckon it will take me to buy one of these? Just the time to decide which colour to get…. From 1&20 Blackbird. UPDATE: I got the black and… Continue reading

Comparison is the thief of joy

    A saying I’ve always remembered since I was 14 is: Do not compare yourself to others as you will be left vain or bitter.   Have a joyful day!  

The Clash

I’m loving clashing patterns at the moment.          Stripes and florals.            Dots and florals.      Gingham and paisley.        Lace and denim.        Zigzags and batik.             Tartan and… Continue reading

Oliver Burkeman – Slightly Happy

I regularly read Oliver Burkeman’s column in The Guardian. In this 30 minute video, he talks about his exploration of the self-help industry. It’s a humorous talk. In the video he mentions that… Continue reading