Still Here

Since May 2015, I have been under treatment for breast cancer (honestly, it hasn’t been that bad). My lack of posting here doesn’t reflect how difficult the treatment has been. I am ok.… Continue reading

When I grow up

I am feeling very envious today of people who have found their calling in life. “First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.” ― Epictetus… Continue reading

Fashion Weak

Is it just me, or are the outfits outside fashion weeks more silly than ever? Did so many people dress so crazy at fashion weeks in the past? Or has it got a… Continue reading

Rainy Day

It’s a rainy day in Sydney. You need an umbrella in Sydney. It doesn’t rain as often as in other cities, but when it does rain, it absolutely buckets down. In London there’s… Continue reading

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

I love popular science stories. Especially neuroscience stories. Especially ones with real life anecdotes. So forgive me if I don’t post for a while because I just discovered this new awesome website, Barking… Continue reading

Green and White

My most recent obsession has been olive pants with crisp whites. I saw a woman with a crisp collared shirt and cargo jeans. She looked so good I’ve been obsessed ever since. Country… Continue reading


Awareness and acceptance. I have always thought that if you think someone has the perfect life, it just means you don’t know them well enough. Everyone has loss and sadness in their life… Continue reading

Finding Joy

Four months or so ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had surgery and now I’m doing chemo. I’ve come to feel like being a cancer patient has become my life. It… Continue reading

Window Shopping

Birdsnest has one of their Order an Hour Giveaways on today. Just saying. Tea Tree Najo. Najo. I love a tassel on a shoe like these sandals from Just Because.