Oliver Burkeman – Slightly Happy

I regularly read Oliver Burkeman’s column in The Guardian. In this 30 minute video, he talks about his exploration of the self-help industry. It’s a humorous talk. In the video he mentions that… Continue reading

Looking for a good book?

Soul Pancake is admittedly not a site I visit all the time. But I like it. Here‘s a list of 96 books that Soul Pancake readers said “changed the way they looked at… Continue reading

Style Crush: Does my bum look 40 in this?

One blog that I have a style crush on is: Does my bum look 40 in this? by Kat. How I found this site was via an article in the Daily Mail talking… Continue reading

Jean Theory

So, I am an analyst by trade. And I am tall. And I am new to internet shopping. So… what must I do but research! Here are my findings on Buying Jeans Online:    It’s… Continue reading

Live Simply

Question: Can you love fashion, and books, and your ipad,….  and live simply at the same time?

Style Crush: Atlantic Pacific

One blog that I have a style crush on is: Atlantic Pacific by Bee Eadie. The blog itself is just pictures of Bee’s outfits. No words (apart from clothing links). But the way… Continue reading

Kate Atkinson

I’m always waiting for the next Kate Atkinson book to come out. I love her books because of their humour. Call me shallow but I can’t cope with sad, depressing, hopeless novels. If… Continue reading

Personal style exercise

One of the sites I’ve started reading recently. And have been reading it often is: Ain’t no mom jeans. One post I found really useful is this one here. Where she talks about… Continue reading


Polvore. Some sweet ways to add colour.