I really like vintage scarves. Rumisu makes the most amazing scarves. Great patterns, similar to vintage scarves, plus good sizing so they work well as head or neck scarves. Unfortunately […]

Try Triwa?

Triwa sunglasses look awesome too. I love the big frame look for my big brains head. The Grace:   The Olivia:     The Ingrid: A bit expensive at $299 a pair […]


It’s a rainy old day in Sydney. So buying this pair of Skeleton sunglasses from Local Supply seems a tad bonkers.    Free delivery within Australia.

Head Scarves

I’ve been looking into getting some wigs and hats for when I start chemo next month. I’ve also been looking for inspiration on how to wear head scarves.  Here’s some […]

Etsy Finds

Sorry to get all Pollyanna on you, but isn’t it great to live in a world where there is Etsy? So many temptations:   GoodMoonMoon    BagNoir    ShaniAndAdi    […]


Are you freaking kidding me? I can’t believe how many good clothes there are at Plumo and how little I can afford them. Cruel, cruel world. I am buying a […]

Don’t Look

I’ve decided that winter is over. We basically haven’t had winter in Sydney this year. I bought a coat and wore it once. (What a waste of money!) I’m so […]