Becoming a better person


In my readings there was much debate as to whether this quote should have the word “stupidity” or “insanity”. I think both apply!

Pie Charts

After school I’m not sure that anyone uses pie charts ever again. A surprisingly powerful exercise I tried out the other day was to map out your source of self-worth […]

Self Compassion

Just saving here a couple of positive things I’ve read this week that have cheered me up. Firstly there was this post on Reddit:  I don’t know what it was […]

On Final Things

From The Book of Life: Every age should be in search of effective ways to keep death in mind.  Once we would look at skulls or at martyrs, hourglasses or […]

Body Image

I don’t think I’ve ever loved my body as much as when I had my daughter. I was just so astounded at the whole craziness of creating another human being, […]

The Book of Life

I love reading articles about neuro science and life advice.  I have spent most of today reading through The Book of Life.  This site has lots and lots of articles on […]