Becoming a better person

Two Minds

There was an interesting article in the SMH today about dieting, habits and willpower. I liked the way it described the disconnect between the conscious and unconscious brains in terms […]

So Far, So Good

So I started my journaling experiment. The results so far have been interesting. I think. Good interesting. In summary: 1) More happy thoughts about fun things. 2) Less mean thoughts […]

Dear Diary….

Today I decided to start journaling. (Journal sounds posher than diary doesn’t it?) Writing a blog is very different to writing a journal. (Well, it should be in any event. […]

No capes

This TED talk is exactly what I needed to hear right now. I wasn’t convinced when I started to watch. It looked kind of lame. Just a mum talking about […]

School of Life

I am a huge fan of Alain de Botton. ‚ÄúThere are things that are not spoken about in polite society. Very quickly in most conversations you’ll reach a moment where […]