Becoming a better person

Kindness to myself

Since I decided to stop drinking alcohol, I have found my eating has gotten pretty disordered (for me). I’ve never been someone who eats a whole packet of biscuits or […]

Long Term Goals

I finally found, in this article in Psychology Today, a good explanation of a problem I have with living in the moment. If you are always living in the present, […]


We never saw Mr Rogers here in Australia. I love this video: Around the 4 minute mark I get teary eyed. What a beautiful person. Somehow his earnestness makes his […]

Fixed versus growth

I love Brain Pickings. It has posts about ideas and books that I don’t see anywhere else. Books about writers and creativity and art and science and stuff. This article […]

Window Shopping

An interesting article on the research into why human beings are so materialistic from Life Hacker. When a product image flashed before people’s eyes, an area of the brain called […]