Becoming a better person

Not helpful

Common unhelpful thinking styles: Black and White Thinking – You see things in two categories, when there are actually other options. For example, something must be perfect or it’s a […]

Art of Living

OK. I’m excited (rare these days). I just heard about this book: Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness. “Happiness and freedom begin with a clear […]


In recent years I’ve become fascinated with how differently people interpret events. Years ago I attended a course where I was introduced to the idea that we all look at […]

Don’t panic

Some more advice that I found useful on Wikihow. This time on dealing with panic attacks, but I also think it works for any stressful situation: Understand ‘Fight or Flight’. […]

Happiness Mistakes

Too late I read this post from The Happiness Project: 5 Common Happiness Mistakes — “Boosters” That Actually Do More Harm Than Good. Staying in your pajamas all day. One […]

Schedule It

A timely article in The Guardian recently by Oliver Burkeman, which argued the benefits of scheduling your life. As a freelancer my days are essentially “free”. But, oh, how stressful […]

Annoying People

I found this great Wikihow page with advice on dealing with annoying people. It really helped me rethink a current work situation. The most useful steps for me were: Identify […]

Some Days

This blog is a place for me to be grateful and focus on things I like. (I’m one of those people who focus on everyone else so I don’t know […]