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Alternate food facts

Sometimes I really wish that someone would just organise all my food and exercise for me (hell, my life), so I’d didn’t need to think about it. Sometimes I could […]

Self Compassion

Just saving here a couple of positive things I’ve read this week that have cheered me up. Firstly there was this post on Reddit:  I don’t know what it was […]

Name It

A useful tip I found today was to name your emotions rather than suppressing them: Gross found that people who tried to suppress a negative emotional experience failed to do […]

Chuck It

A friend gave me a copy of Marie Kondo‘s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying. There’s a really good summary here of the book and the key principles behind […]

A God in Ruins

I have just finished reading Kate Atkinson’s latest novel, A God in Ruins. (No spoilers). I absolutely love all her books and buy them as soon as they come out. […]