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Don’t Give Up

Here’s an inspiring story for aspiring fiction writers every where. Renee Knight’s first novel is being published next week.  She is 55 years old.  There is always hope.     Disclaimer: Renee Knight. Renee… Continue reading

Paradox of Choice

I came across this awesome video (made by The School of Life. Link from Swiss Miss): It has 6 suggestions for how to approach your career, which I found both reassuring and helpful:… Continue reading


In my current mid-life crisis, limbo land, I love finding people who are really good at something small because my own ambitions are so… non existent. I’m not interested in big high achievers.… Continue reading

Moving forward?

I have made little progress in my career plan. I love my current job so I struggle to find any way forward. I like where I am, but it is kind of a… Continue reading

Back to Work

I have been looking for inspiration for my work clothes. I’d like to look at little more professional at work this year. Last year was the year of scarves, skinny jeans and long… Continue reading

Four Hour Work Week

As my career change research continues, I have been lost in the Four Hour Work Week blog. The blog is from the same guy, Tim Ferris, who wrote the book: The Four Hour… Continue reading


Still the best book for contemplating a career change: What Color is Your Parachute. I bought the actual physical book (I know!) because there are forms to fill out within the book, and… Continue reading

The Career Psychologist

Some great tools and links for the career changer on: The Career Psychologist. Their Slideshare presentation on “career paralysis” (parts one and two) are educational AND entertaining-ish.

Career change

I have been contemplating a career change. Not immediately but in the next 5 years. So far the advice seems to be: 1. Save money. Any career change will involve some loss of… Continue reading