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Fabulous at 50

Alyson Walsh from That’s Not My Age is one of my favourite style bloggers. Recently she was quoted in an article, How to look fabulous at 50 — and the years beyond: …one of the… Continue reading

Short Hair

My hair is currently very short. I like to call it a pixie hair cut but it is actually shorter than that. It’s really a buzz cut. Kind of like this: I have… Continue reading

Same Same

Reading this article about an art director, Matilda Kahl, who wears the exact same thing every day was very reassuring to me.  I try and fight my own inclination to wear similar outfits every day… Continue reading


Continuing on my research in to how to avoid dud clothing purchases, here are some more hints: Fabric 1. Natural fabrics such as wool, angora, cotton, silk and linen are often a good… Continue reading

Learn from my mistakes

My most recent dud purchase really upset me. I spent a fortune – more than $100 – on a skirt which just turned into a mass of lap wrinkles the first day I… Continue reading

Body Shape Bible

I have been doing some more body shape related clothing advice research. I just found this amazing FREE ebook with advice on how to dress a top heavy body shape. Perfect! I gotta… Continue reading

Why worry?

Whenever I feel bad about thinking about clothes so much…. Surely with a bit of planning you could make getting dressed require less effort?

Style thoughts

Some thoughts on Style. 1. Don’t overdo it. Don’t under do it. Style sits somewhere between fashion victim and mom jeans. Fashion can be fun and inspire you to try new things. At… Continue reading

Big shoulders?

Some interesting examples of the impact of colour and cut using J Crew shirts. Colour and pattern can be used to emphasise or hide your top half:      Sleeve length is important.… Continue reading