Clothing advice

Then vs Now

In going through all the retrospectives at Go Fug Yourself what soon becomes clear is that dressing for the red carpet now requires another level of effort compared to what […]

Fabulous at 50

Alyson Walsh from That’s Not My Age is one of my favourite style bloggers. Recently she was quoted in an article, How to look fabulous at 50 — and the years beyond: […]

Same Same

Reading this article about an art director, Matilda Kahl, who wears the exact same thing every day was very reassuring to me.  I try and fight my own inclination to wear similar […]

Not ridiculous

Today I have been reading this page on Reddit about what it is like to be ugly. I think being ugly is similar to ageing. You have two choices: A) […]


Continuing on my research in to how to avoid dud clothing purchases, here are some more hints: Fabric 1. Natural fabrics such as wool, angora, cotton, silk and linen are […]