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Play it again Sam

Sometimes you buy stuff and it is so good, you want to buy it again – so that when the first one runs out, you’ve got another one. Here’s my repeat list:        … Continue reading

Colour me happy

If you are not going to wear black (which I am trying not to do), then I reckon you have two options. Either go the smart, mature, neutrals path. (Snore). Or just go… Continue reading

The Clash

I’m loving clashing patterns at the moment.          Stripes and florals.            Dots and florals.      Gingham and paisley.        Lace and denim.        Zigzags and batik.             Tartan and… Continue reading

Jean Theory

So, I am an analyst by trade. And I am tall. And I am new to internet shopping. So… what must I do but research! Here are my findings on Buying Jeans Online:    It’s… Continue reading

Personal style exercise

One of the sites I’ve started reading recently. And have been reading it often is: Ain’t no mom jeans. One post I found really useful is this one here. Where she talks about… Continue reading

How to tie a scarf

Finally!   I’ve always heard talk about how the french are so fabulous with their scarves. blah. blah. Worth the watch.