Clothing inspiration

More Goop

More posts I like from Goop. First I love the relaxed jacket and the shoes (another pair I love but would never wear): Second, I just love this. Not sure […]

A lucky find

After shopping with my daughter ALL DAY, the gods rewarded me with this Utility Jacket from Gap. It is sold out everywhere.  This must have been the last jacket on […]

Sunday inspiration

I like a Sunday lying in bed surfing. Here’s some outfit inspirations I found.        The Pleated Poppy.                                                          Camille over the rainbow. Do you sense a theme here?

Shirts to a T

Are t-shirts just better in the US? A selection from Revolve Clothing. These fit all of my rules (except the short sleeves): I have to try on most tops due […]

Knit Blazer

While browsing David Jones the other day I saw this jacket at Sportscraft: Which reminded me of this post from Ain’t No Mom Jeans The Mom Edit which gave three […]

Slim cropped

Given my height, I’ve never really done the 3/4 pant look. Until yesterday, when I actually had a pair of Gap slim crop pants in my shopping cart before I stopped. […]