Clothing inspiration


I’ve always wanted a pair of clogs. Either a “proper” pair of Hasbeen clogs: Or this pair, which aren’t the classic style but are gorgeous:

Most tempting

Most tempting shop of the moment has to be Marcs. Some recent finds from visiting the store the other day. Their handbags are always such beautiful leather. Lots of beautiful […]


Well. I’m glad there are still some shops that tempt me. I haven’t totally given up! I love absolutely everything at Plumo. Gorgeous.


I have always loved ponchos. As a kid I was obsessed by them. I always wanted one. I love that they are “in” this season in a major way. They […]


This article from The Guardian, reminded me of catalogues. Remember them? It also links to these great ‘yummy mummy’ sites: ME+EM Boden Baukjen Toast – my favourite! yum!

Going fast

This jacket from Jigsaw is my idea of perfect: It looks amazing on. The collar is perfect and it is tailored nicely around the waist. No wonder it is selling […]