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There are many things I dislike about Australia but also lots of things to love. One thing I love is our language. We are so influenced by America and England, yet still maintain… Continue reading

I like distractions

I’ve had the worst week in my entire life this week. OK, maybe the second worst? But it is debatable. Top 5 easily. What helps me cope is distractions like Go Fug Yourself.… Continue reading

Dooce is back

As I lay here post surgery, scouring the interwebs looking for something good to read, it is so good to know that Dooce is back. Three cheers.

Where’s my head at?

One of my rules for my collection of Over 40 Style blogs is that the person has to post relatively frequently. However recently I have been questioning the value of posting frequently, over… Continue reading

Still Here

Since May 2015, I have been under treatment for breast cancer (honestly, it hasn’t been that bad). My lack of posting here doesn’t reflect how difficult the treatment has been. I am ok.… Continue reading

Chuck It

A friend gave me a copy of Marie Kondo‘s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying.    There’s a really good summary here of the book and the key principles behind the art… Continue reading

Bucket List

I’m not planning on dying any time soon, but I have felt the need to write a bucket list recently. I’m kind of curious as to what would be on it since I’ve… Continue reading

List Mania: Distractions

I used to be a massive magazine junkie. I would buy one or two magazines a week. Plus if I flew anywhere, I loved to buy about four magazines at the airport “for… Continue reading

A Blog Post

It occurred to me this morning as I dropped my daughter off for the first day of school (the school year starts in January in Australia) that perhaps the reason I don’t indulge… Continue reading