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I saw these shoes in the Wittner window the other day.   They are the perfect take on the laced shoe trend. The slightly thicker straps on the side make these shoes look… Continue reading


Flat shoes are so often boring compared with high heel shoes. I was just bemoaning (in my head) the fact that those Boden Alice shoes didn’t come in flats when I found that… Continue reading

Window Shopping

Nothing like a bit of fantasy shopping on a rainy Sunday. Today, I’ve been looking at small cross body bags. My criteria for cross body bags: They can’t be too big. Since I’ve… Continue reading

Try Triwa?

Triwa sunglasses look awesome too. I love the big frame look for my big brains head. The Grace:   The Olivia:     The Ingrid:   A bit expensive at $299 a pair but they… Continue reading


It’s a rainy old day in Sydney. So buying this pair of Skeleton sunglasses from Local Supply seems a tad bonkers.    Free delivery within Australia.

Etsy Finds

Sorry to get all Pollyanna on you, but isn’t it great to live in a world where there is Etsy? So many temptations:   GoodMoonMoon    BagNoir    ShaniAndAdi    LeChaim    FioTextiles… Continue reading

Bags It

Is it new handbag time? Uh. Kind of. I’m sure to need one someday soon. A bit of research can’t hurt? I love this version of the Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC with the… Continue reading

And… I’m back

Thanks to the wonderful Australian health care system, and the powers of Endone, I am back home and feeling good. (The hospital really has to do something about the constant dinging of the… Continue reading

School Holidays

It has been school holidays here for the last two weeks in Sydney. I haven’t had much work on, so I have been mostly hanging out with my daughter. She likes shopping. So… Continue reading