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Risk Reduction

I promised a friend of mine that I wouldn’t go all weird after getting cancer (and start having coffee enemas and the like. I am sorry for even typing coffee enema). But. But… Continue reading

Veggie Cooking

I found this useful cheat sheet for cooking veggies. Just saving it here for future use. Unfortunately it doesn’t have baking times.  Nor does it have pumpkin or sweet potato (which are our… Continue reading


Another day, another school thing to cook for. This week it was Harmony Day. Every kid had to bring a food related to their family’s country of origin. Luckily my father in law… Continue reading

Menopause Busting Diet

I am not menopausal but I’d like to improve my diet now in preparation. Summarised below are suggestions from The Daily Mail. (As always the DM article was dreadfully written and edited, so I… Continue reading

Cup cakes!

I don’t cook. Ever. But as a parent I am often obliged to do things I would rather not do. Like cook gluten free cup cakes for the school cake stall.  I found… Continue reading

Food Ideas

I have always hated cooking. Eating? I love eating, but cooking not so much. So it has been quite a surprise recently that I have felt this great desire to prepare and eat… Continue reading

Read the label.

Some great rules of thumb for reading food labels in the SMH: …. skip the ‘Per serving’ column of the nutrition panel and reading the figures in the ‘Per 100g’ column instead. ….learn… Continue reading

Brilliant Idea: Dessert bar

Over the weekend I had a mini-break in the Hunter Valley (2 hours-ish north of Sydney). It’s an adult Disneyland. Wonderful wineries, beautiful views, and…. a dessert bar. Sabor in the Hunter. It’s… Continue reading