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Today I ended up home alone, so I searched high and low on the Internet for things to cheer me up. First of all, I found this great post at Barking Up the… Continue reading

Seems Appropriate


My family is lucky enough to be in a position to not need anything for christmas. So every year there is this feeling of guilt and disgust over the decadence of the day.… Continue reading


I am currently doing the Appreciation series on my Headspace app. So every day I spend 20 minutes focusing on my feelings of appreciation and gratitude. I am finding that as the days… Continue reading

Gratitude and Shopping

This blog was meant to be my gratitude journal. Somehow (I don’t know how?) it turned into a shopping blog. I think many days there weren’t too many things I was grateful for.… Continue reading


Things I am grateful for…. Total Immersion I had stroke correction classes in the Total Immersion technique in February/March and have been practising ever since. The joy in gliding through the water is… Continue reading


Easter is almost here. My favourite time of the year! Chocolate. Chocolate at easter tastes so much better than at any other time of the year. My two favourite chocolates are Lindt bunnies… Continue reading


Well, fair to say that I am not going to win a blogging award anytime soon. Today it is raining and I don’t feel like going outside ….so here’s what I’m grateful for:… Continue reading


My Walking Gear. At the moment I am grateful that …. I have the time to exercise for a couple of hours most days. It is keeping me sane. I walk for at… Continue reading