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A Pause

There is going to be a slight pause in blogging. I was diagnosed with early breast cancer last week. I caught it very, very early so this is just a slight road bump,… Continue reading

My Fitness Pal

I’ve just started using My Fitness Pal and I have to say that I am really impressed. This truly isn’t an infomercial. I promise. I just am amazed at the world we live in. That… Continue reading

Healthy Diet Paradox

The paradox with healthy eating is that you don’t want to end up labelling food “bad”, but at the same time you want to make healthier food choices. My diet “research” (I have… Continue reading

Menopause Busting Diet

I am not menopausal but I’d like to improve my diet now in preparation. Summarised below are suggestions from The Daily Mail. (As always the DM article was dreadfully written and edited, so I… Continue reading

I will do it

My health is my priority for this year. I get minor illnesses way too frequently. It is embarrassing and unprofessional. I need to fix this.   I need to improve my habits – get organised… Continue reading

Natural Weight

I have been unable to exercise for the last few days due to a bad ear infection. So I have been lying around, browsing the Internet and eating out of boredom. This article… Continue reading

Respect Your Feet

As an ex-runner, I never took seriously the shoes I wore while walking because “walking isn’t really exercise”. At first I just wore my old running shoes. Then I bought a pair online… Continue reading

Swimming Goals

This week I set some swimming goals for myself based upon this Zero to 1 Mile plan I found. I have altered it a bit – converted it to metric and my 25m… Continue reading

Science Baby

As a scientist, I love facts. So I’ve been doing a lot of research into weight loss as I need to lose some kilos (about 10). In the past I’d just run a… Continue reading