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Christmas this year was almost comical in the amount of talk about our bad backs. We were all groaning when we had to bend over or stand up. Now, after slacking off for… Continue reading

The answer is…

I’ve been trying to stop the 5 o’clock wine for a while now. I stop and then I start. The difficulty has been working out the reason for it. Why can’t I stop… Continue reading

Food Ideas

I have always hated cooking. Eating? I love eating, but cooking not so much. So it has been quite a surprise recently that I have felt this great desire to prepare and eat… Continue reading

Total Immersion

If there is any one reason why posting has been light here in the last few weeks then blame it on my new obsession with swimming. I bought this iBook about the Total… Continue reading

Kindness to myself

Since I decided to stop drinking alcohol, I have found my eating has gotten pretty disordered (for me). I’ve never been someone who eats a whole packet of biscuits or a tub of… Continue reading


I borrowed the Michelle Bridges book Crunch Time from the library but ended up buying it, because it has such a good program of exercises to do at home. However the part of… Continue reading


Things I am grateful for: GIFs of dogs and cats. If I can’t have a pet, at least I can look at them all day. Walking. I walk for an hour or two… Continue reading

Keep Going

I’m trying not to give up, but it is hard.

I started

So I’ve started… quitting sugar. I haven’t quit yet so I haven’t yet experienced the benefits of being sugar-free, but I have cut down. Changes made so far to my worst sugar habits….… Continue reading