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I like distractions

I’ve had the worst week in my entire life this week. OK, maybe the second worst? But it is debatable. Top 5 easily. What helps me cope is distractions like Go Fug Yourself.… Continue reading

F F F F Fashion

If you can’t get enough fashion photos or writing, then here’s my list of the best fashion blogs around for you to try: Man Repeller This site has lots of great articles to… Continue reading

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

I love popular science stories. Especially neuroscience stories. Especially ones with real life anecdotes. So forgive me if I don’t post for a while because I just discovered this new awesome website, Barking… Continue reading

My Fitness Pal

I’ve just started using My Fitness Pal and I have to say that I am really impressed. This truly isn’t an infomercial. I promise. I just am amazed at the world we live in. That… Continue reading


Happy Friday! Here’s a great read to kick off the friday joy from Glennon at Momastery. Glennon’s writing is funny. I can’t decide if it is a bit cheesy or a bit cool… Continue reading

Passing The Time

I’ve updated my list of Over 40 Style blogs. Most of the traffic to Likes of Me is visiting this list. I’m glad other people find my list useful. There are so many… Continue reading

Is it just me?

I used to post style and fashion finds all the time. I loved street style. Online shopping was a real problem for me. I knew the parcel delivery man by sight, as he… Continue reading

Blog Nostalgia Part Two

After revisiting some old favourite sites the other day, I got inspired to revisit some other blogs that I sort of lost contact with. Like an old friend that moved away, and I… Continue reading

Blog Nostalgia

I thought I’d revisit a couple of old favourites to see how they are doing. Firstly, Dooce. This was the site that started me reading blogs. I started reading back when Heather was… Continue reading