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Over 40 Style update

Here’s my collection of over 40 style blogs. This isn’t a list of random sites. I regularly update this collection. As always, everyone’s tastes are different. So please don’t take my opinion too… Continue reading

Girl gangs

I noticed there’s a few girl gangs started up recently. I’ve gone thru both collectives and highlighted the style blogs that I like (or that are already in my Over 40 Style blog… Continue reading

Style v substance

You can only read so much scary, bad, unbelievably crazy news…. What the hell just happened to the world? I have no idea what to say or think. Or do… It reminds me… Continue reading

Over 40 style favourites

I just went through and updated my collection of Over 40 Style blogs. In reviewing my list I did confirm why my favourite sites are my favourites: Bad Lip Reading does the inauguration… Continue reading

Over 40 Style

My style blog mojo is returning in fits and starts.   Yesterday – like the¬†KonMari convert that I am – I culled my List of Over 40 Style bloggers down to 44. ¬†When… Continue reading

Style Tribes

I am a fan of Alyson Walsh and her blog That’s Not My Age. Alyson also writes for the Daily Mail, and I enjoyed this piece on style tribes.    In the article… Continue reading

A Few New Favourites

I have the dreaded lurgy so have spent the day in bed updating my list of Over 40 Style blogs. There has been lots of shuffling of blogs in the list to reflect… Continue reading

Blog Round Up

Some recent interesting events from some of my favourite bloggers on my Over 40 Style Blog list: Nikki at Styling You published her book Unlock Your Style. It must be so much fun… Continue reading

Not ridiculous

Today I have been reading this page on Reddit about what it is like to be ugly. I think being ugly is similar to ageing. You have two choices: A) Either give up… Continue reading