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Over 40 Style

I have gone through my list of Over 40 Style blogs and updated it a bit. The biggest surprise was how many blogs are no more – I removed 9 sites from my… Continue reading

Older women on the catwalk

Good to see older women on the catwalk. Susan Douglas, …who is writing a book on the power of older women, said “a demographic revolution” was occurring…. “Older women are now saying ‘No,… Continue reading

I like finding new style blogs

Still looking for that perfect Over 40 Style Blog? Here’s some recent finds of mine which might interest you. Notes From A Stylist – A lovely lifestyle blog. Grechen’s Closet – I love… Continue reading

Over 40. Overdue.

I finally got around to reviewing my list of Over 40 Style blogs. There are a couple of new sites, plus I removed some sites that haven’t been updated in a while. My… Continue reading

Members Only

So I have been thinking a lot about this post by Catherine at Not Dressed As Lamb questioning why articles on Over 40 Style bloggers are not more varied. Why do they list… Continue reading

Over 40 Style update

Here’s my collection of over 40 style blogs. This isn’t a list of random sites. I regularly update this collection. As always, everyone’s tastes are different. So please don’t take my opinion too… Continue reading

Girl gangs

I noticed there’s a few girl gangs started up recently. I’ve gone thru both collectives and highlighted the style blogs that I like (or that are already in my Over 40 Style blog… Continue reading

Style v substance

You can only read so much scary, bad, unbelievably crazy news…. What the hell just happened to the world? I have no idea what to say or think. Or do… It reminds me… Continue reading

Over 40 style favourites

I just went through and updated my collection of Over 40 Style blogs. In reviewing my list I did confirm why my favourite sites are my favourites: Bad Lip Reading does the inauguration… Continue reading