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When toddlers become teens

I am by no means an amazing parent but I have been blessed with a child who is an angel. Even angels have to go through the teenage years though, and it is… Continue reading

Easier Said Than Done

I found a bunch of parenting quotes which I want to capture here. Sometimes I find quotes like these inspiring and supportive. Other times they are nagging and stressful. I was talking with… Continue reading


Happy Friday! Here’s a great read to kick off the friday joy from Glennon at Momastery. Glennon’s writing is funny. I can’t decide if it is a bit cheesy or a bit cool… Continue reading


The problem for me with Buddhism is that it just seems like a religion for single men. I reckon any mother would invent a different belief system – one that includes intensely loving… Continue reading

Average versus Actual Happiness

This is an enjoyable talk from the founders of Babble.com on the Taboos of Parenting. The bit I like – that I think applies to everyone – is at the 13 minute mark,… Continue reading

Buddhism for Mothers

Sarah Napthali has written 3 books under the “Buddhism for Mothers” series. I read each one as it came out – they seemed nicely timed to suit my daughter’s age. One concept from… Continue reading

are children worth it?

Many years ago this article convinced me to have a child. I’ve kept it all this time. Yet mother love, as Helen Garner once wrote of Eros, “mocks our fantasy that we can… Continue reading