Winter is most definitely still here in Sydney. So what better time to look for summer sandals? My excuse? They take a while to wear in. I prefer not to […]

Ankle boots

One of my favourite pairs of shoes was some ankle boots with a zip up the back that I bought in Paris (pre-child). I felt like an astronaut everytime I […]

I like trainers

In the age of online shopping, a good brand makes purchasing easier as you trust whatever they will deliver meets your expectations. One such company for me is Blowfish shoes, […]

Summer is On

After not shopping much for over a year, summer has just arrived and I was facing the prospect of going out wearing my Havaiana thongs (which I normally only wear […]


What happens when you buy a dud pair of shoes? Do you cry? No! You buy another pair. I love this pair of shoes from Sofia Cruz. They are comfortable […]

Green and White

My most recent obsession has been olive pants with crisp whites. I saw a woman with a crisp collared shirt and cargo jeans. She looked so good I’ve been obsessed […]