9 Shoe Trends

One site / app I look at occasionally is PopSugar.  I like the street style and fashion posts. This post on shoe trends caught my attention with its 9 shoe […]

Sol Sana

Sol Sana is a shoe brand where I pretty much would happily buy every single shoe they make.  If I designed shoes this is what I would design. I love […]


I saw these shoes in the Wittner window the other day. They are the perfect take on the laced shoe trend. The slightly thicker straps on the side make these […]


Flat shoes are so often boring compared with high heel shoes. I was just bemoaning (in my head) the fact that those Boden Alice shoes didn’t come in flats when […]

And… I’m back

Thanks to the wonderful Australian health care system, and the powers of Endone, I am back home and feeling good. (The hospital really has to do something about the constant […]

School Holidays

It has been school holidays here for the last two weeks in Sydney. I haven’t had much work on, so I have been mostly hanging out with my daughter. She […]


Flat shoes are not the most exciting shoes in the world. But they are comfortable. I only wear flat shoes, so I often look for inspiration on how to wear […]


Are you freaking kidding me? I can’t believe how many good clothes there are at Plumo and how little I can afford them. Cruel, cruel world. I am buying a […]