More sandals

I’m very tempted by these  Antichi Romani sandals. UPDATE: I bought this black pair. They are really comfortable. The leather is super soft. They are hand made. They look amazing. […]

Chunky Brogues

I love the tom-boy look that people like Alexa Chung sometimes wear, with the “chunky” brogues, and a skirt or ankle length skinnies. Either way, no socks. II love these […]

Red shoes?

My profound thinking this morning has been about what a mistake red shoes are. Dull red shoes I mean.                                           Not fancy red shoes. I realised that with the dull red […]


I do love bensimon shoes. The French converse. The perfect ‘Le Tennis’. I read a few comments where people said that they couldn’t decide between these and Toms. Are they crazy? […]


Did you know that in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz book, Dorothy’s slippers were silver? I love, love, love (yes, 3 times) this clutch from Coach and these shoes from […]

Cap Toe Shoes

Oh dear. Turns out shoes with tips are called “Cap Toe Shoes“. Kate Spade has some excellent Cap Toe shoes in ballet flats – I love Eddie and Francine: .

Ballet Flats

Just so you know – I don’t spend my whole life in trainers. I wish! I spend more time in ballet flats. I like the “tipped” shoes that are around […]