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Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

It kills me to say this, but I always like what Olivia Palermo is wearing. For example, this ‘Today I’m wearing’ set of photos from 2010 in Vogue UK. However…. thanks to the… Continue reading

Style Crush: Jessica Alba

It has occurred to me that I have a style crush on Jessica Alba. Image from the Daily Mail. I’m not talking her red carpet gear… So much as her “civilian” clothes.    … Continue reading

Style Crush: Hanneli Mustaparta

I love Hanneli‘s style. And I think I have a crush on her life too. I love the star necklace from Camilla Prytz and this Acne jacket     

Style Crush: Emily Blunt

I want to be Emily Blunt. She is so funny, clever and cool. Great voice. Oh, and I forgot in my girl crush that I also have a style crush on her. Even… Continue reading

Jessica Alba and I

Today I wore the same(ish) outfit as Jessica Alba!                             I saw this today in the Daily Mail and realised I wore the same colour jacket as Jessica. It’s hard to see in… Continue reading

Style Crush: Kendi Everyday

You know how I said neutrals are boring? Well, you know, really I was going a bit far there. For example, I love this look from Kendi Everyday. It’s the (brown) shoes and… Continue reading

Style Crush: Nina Proudman

A fictional character that I have a style crush on is Nina Proudman from the Australian TV Series: Offspring. There’s a great article here interviewing the costume designer for the show with 39… Continue reading

Style Crush: Does my bum look 40 in this?

One blog that I have a style crush on is: Does my bum look 40 in this? by Kat. How I found this site was via an article in the Daily Mail talking… Continue reading

Style Crush: Atlantic Pacific

One blog that I have a style crush on is: Atlantic Pacific by Bee Eadie. The blog itself is just pictures of Bee’s outfits. No words (apart from clothing links). But the way… Continue reading