Ways to pass the time


I like keeping a list of relaxation ideas because whenever the urge to relax hits, I always forget what to do. Go for a walk outside with an audiobook or […]


Things I am grateful for…. Total Immersion I had stroke correction classes in the Total Immersion technique in February/March and have been practising ever since. The joy in gliding through […]


Recently I’ve struggled with the gratitude. I’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel to find things to be grateful for – which actually makes me feel worse. When my […]


Some days…. Fragrances. On a really bad day, sometimes the only thing that cheers me up (apart from chocolate) are beautiful smells. My two favourite “room fragrances” are Glasshouse Marseille […]

Thank goodness.

I am thankful for…. Stationery. I can spend hours in a stationery shop. Just browsing. I love the sense of possibility. Friends. I love Saturday night BBQs with friends, where […]