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Whenever I get some spare time I forget all the things I meant to do when I had some free time. So I have started keeping a list: Look for shapes in the… Continue reading

Take a break

Every day, at the start of the day, I plan at least one activity for myself that will make me feel good. Every day. I look for something that is either pleasurable or… Continue reading


I don’t believe in Astrology but I love reading this one – an iPhone app – every day: It’s appropriate scarily often.

Why Publish?

Today’s analysis is on the reasons for blogging. Money. For some people their blog is a job. They aim to earn money from ads and/or get free stuff. At a fundamental level, their… Continue reading

The blerch

This post at The Oatmeal was written for me: I too need to fight The Blerch.

The Birthday

I have a print of this over my bed: The Birthday, Marc Chagall.


Check out these images from Stephen Eastwood: Amazing the difference a lens makes! All this time I thought it was my unfortunate gurning.

A good day

A definition of a good day for me is one spent in my pyjamas, not putting my contact lenses in, reading a great new-found blog all the way back, and not feeling guilty… Continue reading

Crazy Goop

The GOOP Spring Edit features 450, 000 pounds worth of clothing. I only like the styling in this photo: But the links to the ‘edits’ in Net-a-Porter are definitely worth a browse: Everyday… Continue reading