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Shop Til You Drop

One of my guilty pleasures is the magazine Shop Til You Drop: I know it feeds my shopping addiction – though I am doing really well at just looking not buying – but… Continue reading

Dr Seuss

Letters of Note

The Oatmeal

Where have I been? Here: At The Oatmeal.

Another maybe

Another one for the maybe list: The Design Files. Why ‘maybe’? Because I have been renovating… no, restoring… my house. For. Ever. and I find house styling images stressful. It’s a great site.

Time waster

Tina Fey on Youtube. There goes the next few hours of my life:

Kate Moss in Vanity Fair

I don’t have a style crush on Kate Moss, but… this article about her in Vanity Fair is one of those articles that stay with you after you read it. Mostly how her… Continue reading

Happy Place

When you no longer care about what you wear – which happened this week – the only solution is to visit Happy Place.  

Marc Johns

I love Marc Johns. Mind you, Oliver Burkeman says: it’s our relentless effort to feel happy, or to achieve certain goals, that is precisely what makes us miserable and sabotages our plans


Spring has sprung. And with it comes the problem of what to wear to work in summer. (It is so much easier to look smart in winter)…. I need to research this.