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I like a tall tote

So my hunt for the perfect tote bag continues… I want something with a shoulder strap, thin, not too bulky, a rectangle in portrait mode, lined, with some pockets, no cutesy patterns, professional… Continue reading


My latest challenge is to find a replacement for my laptop bag. At the moment I am envisioning a reworking of the standard canvas tote, which is light weight, not bulky and with… Continue reading

Planning in Polyvore

I find it helpful sometimes to plan my work outfits in Polyvore.  It gives me a sense of what I need to buy before I’m getting dressed in the morning and realise I… Continue reading

Work Wear Inspiration

I’m going back to work soon, and my next job is in a banking environment, so I have been researching more formal office attire. There’s a few problems I’m trying to solve: Firstly,… Continue reading

A Work Week of Outfits

Here’s the kind of thing I wear each week to work as an over 40 freelance consultant. I work on corporate web-sites. Monday I had to go into my consultancy office, but didn’t… Continue reading

Back to Work.

So this week I have been back at actual proper work – where I sit in an office and take coffee breaks, and look up and it is 6pm and time to go… Continue reading

Back to work – Five outfits

The work wardrobe planning continues. I have come up with five ideal outfits. Outfit One. I love this green shirt. It is a lovely, flow-y silk type fabric. Combining it with the white… Continue reading

Back to work – Skirts

I am guilty of bulk buying from shops. I will go in to one store and buy five things in one go, and then will be a walking advertisement for that store. I… Continue reading

Back to Work – Handbags

You need a decent handbag as a consultant when visiting new clients for the first time. (You are judged on how you look. It is just how the world works. Especially the business… Continue reading