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Planning in Polyvore

I find it helpful sometimes to plan my work outfits in Polyvore.  It gives me a sense of what I need to buy before I’m getting dressed in the morning and realise I… Continue reading

Work Wear Inspiration

I’m going back to work soon, and my next job is in a banking environment, so I have been researching more formal office attire. There’s a few problems I’m trying to solve: Firstly,… Continue reading

A Work Week of Outfits

Here’s the kind of thing I wear each week to work as an over 40 freelance consultant. I work on corporate web-sites. Monday I had to go into my consultancy office, but didn’t… Continue reading

Back to Work.

So this week I have been back at actual proper work – where I sit in an office and take coffee breaks, and look up and it is 6pm and time to go… Continue reading

Back to work – Five outfits

The work wardrobe planning continues. I have come up with five ideal outfits. Outfit One. I love this green shirt. It is a lovely, flow-y silk type fabric. Combining it with the white… Continue reading

Back to work – Skirts

I am guilty of bulk buying from shops. I will go in to one store and buy five things in one go, and then will be a walking advertisement for that store. I… Continue reading

Back to Work – Handbags

You need a decent handbag as a consultant when visiting new clients for the first time. (You are judged on how you look. It is just how the world works. Especially the business… Continue reading

Back to Work – Trousers

I have been looking for inspiration for trousers to wear to work. The three key styles I like are: 1) Cropped trousers. and 2) Trouser Suits (with full length straight trousers). and 3)… Continue reading

Back to Work – Blazers

I have been looking for inspiration for my work clothes, but I have found it really, really hard to find examples of blazers for a business formal look. Perhaps because they look so… Continue reading